In furtherance of HIPLA's mission and in continuance of HIPLA's scholarship program over the past several years, HIPLA, in conjunction with the Nancy F. Atlas IP American Inn of Court will once again award scholarships of $3,000 to law students from each of the Houston area law schools this year.

Application Process (2021-2022)

Complete the attached 2021 -2022 Scholarship Application Cover Sheet and follow the Application Instructions fully. Applications must be received by December 5, 2021, as directed in the Application Instructions. Selections occur in the Fall Semester. You should address the criteria below in your submittal. The completeness of your submittal against the criteria will be a factor in evaluating scholarship recipients.

  1. A personal statement of 300 words or less demonstrating interest in intellectual property law (for example, through coursework, prior internships, prior employment, bar activities, student organization activities, publications, or participation in the Giles Rich Moot Court competition)
  2. Applications are considered from 2Ls and 3Ls, or the equivalent thereof for a part-time student. At the time of application, the student must have completed at least 30 hours of law study. The applicant pool is not open to 1Ls or to LLM students.
  3. Academic Merit (include a transcript)
  4. Financial Need (include a copy of your financial aid award and include any other relevant statement about need you would like the evaluators to consider)
  5. Greater consideration will be given to students who have interned for a Houston Federal Judge, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, or the USPTO.
  6. The applicant will preferably not have previously received a HIPLA Scholarship or Fellowship. Please state if this is the case, or if the applicant is applying a second time for the scholarship.
  7. All recipients are subject to final approval by the HIPLA and Nancy F. Atlas IP Inn of Court Boards.

Past Scholarship Recipients


Amanda Capozzelli (South Texas College of Law Houston) 
Markicia Horton (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
 Ranjit Singh Lidhar (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
 Ja’Nore Scott (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
 Jahnathan Braquet (University of Houston Law Center)
Noma Osarumwense (University of Houston Law Center)
 Cesar Udave (University of Houston Law Center)


Allure Anoma (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Michael Aragon (University of Houston Law Center)
Kennedy D. Jones, Jr. (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Lori Lee (South Texas College of Law Houston)
Maggie E. Martin (University of Houston Law Center)
Ashley Maskus (South Texas College of Law Houston)
Matthew Metcalfe (University of Houston Law Center)
Noah S. Valdez (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Joy Winkler (South Texas College of Law Houston)


Kyna Hill-Dominique (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)

Ebony Harris (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)

Jasmine Lewis (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)

April Lopez (South Texas College of Law Houston)

Megan J. Mitchell (South Texas College of Law Houston)

Khanh Nguyen (University of Houston Law Center)

Damon Sima (University of Houston Law Center)

Elizabeth Slezak (South Texas College of Law Houston)

Jaime L. Stark (University of Houston Law Center)


Cameron Ellis (South Texas College of Law)
Reginal Harris (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Sean Huang (University of Houston)
Sarah Luther (University of Houston)
Collin Marshall (University of Houston)
Timothy Rose (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Jillian Scherrer (South Texas College of Law)

Priscilla Tran (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Adela Pena (South Texas College of Law)
Steve Maule (University of Houston)
Munira Jesani (University of Houston)
Samie Leigh (University of Houston)

Yan Xu (University of Houston)
Matthew Fronz (South Texas College of Law)
Helen Ashegbeyeri (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Timothy John Busse (University of Houston)
Myra T. Dioquino (South Texas College of Law)


Matthew Cameron (University of Houston)
Kevin Hardaway (South Texas College of Law)
Lisa Hasenberg (University of Houston)


Duane Brignac (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)
Jamaal Johnson (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)

Modinat "Abby" Kotun (University of Houston)
Michael Pham (University of Houston)
Brandon S. Bludau (University of Houston)


Jared Grodin (South Texas College of Law)
Yujane Wu (South Texas College of Law)

Randel Cross (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)

Eleanor Tyson (University of Houston)
Blaine Larson (University of Houston)
Priya G. Prasad (University of Houston)


Craig Walter (University of Houston)
Allan Bullwinkel (University of Houston)
Lavonne Burke (University of Houston)

Yujane Wu (South Texas School of Law)
William Carpenter (South Texas School of Law)
Sean Serraguard (South Texas School of Law)

Tiffany Johnson (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)
Corwyn Davis (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)
Sam Thomas (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)


Rachael C Casey (University of Houston)
Eric Sellars (University of Houston)
Derek J. Battisti (University of Houston)

Krista Noelle Albregts (South Texas)
Matthew Maliel (South Texas)

Corwyn M. Davis (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)
Brennen Dunn (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)
Tiffany A. Johnson (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)


Ryan Elisabeth Abbott (University of Houston)
D'Mark Hunter (University of Houston)
Katherine Franco (University of Houston)

Anthony Vlahos (South Texas School of Law)
Jared Howenstine (South Texas School of Law)
Erin Villasenor (South Texas School of Law)

Stephen Okoye (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)
Leshon Bennett (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)


Domingo Llagostera (University of Houston)
Charles M. Slamon (University of Houston)
Micaela Natalie Alfaro (University of Houston)

Matthew Broaddus (South Texas School of Law)
Jared Howenstine (South Texas School of Law)
Michael Spradley (South Texas School of Law)

Christina Guerrero (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)
Patrick O'Rourke (TSU - Thurgood Marshall)

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