Past Recipients of Inventor of the Year Award

MAXIME A. FAGET for "Space Vehicle Systems"
CHARLES HOMSY for "Medical Implant Material"
ROBERT B. KINSBACK for "Oil Tools and Drilling Technology" 

ROBERT J. LOOFBOURROW for "Seismic Data Recording and Acoustical Logging Fields" 

GEORGE C. BALLAS for "Weed Eater"

ROMAN F. ARNOLDY for "Bulkwelding Process"
CLAUDE E. COOKE for "Hydraulic Fracturing with Bauxite Propping Agent" 

BENJAMIN P. NUTTER for "Drill Stem Testing" 

CARL H. SAVIT for "Telemetry of Seismic Data" 

HERBERT ALLEN for "Screwpull® Cork Extractor" 

FRANCIS P. McCULLOUGH, JR. for "Curly Carbonaceous Fibers for Insulation" 

ERWIN F. HILL for "Grayloc® Connector"
JACK C. KINLEY for "Kinley Caliper" 

JAMES J. TODACK for "Portable Refrigerant Recovery and Reclamation System" 

ARTHUR HERMAN HALE and KENNETH MICHAEL COWAN for "Conversion of Drilling Fluids to Cements with Blast Furnace Slag"
PAUL CULLEY for "Extended Industry Standard Architecture Shadow RAM" 

LAWRENCE A. SMITH, JR. for "Catalytic Distillation" 

DR. JONATHAN OPHIR for "Method of Generating Elastographic Images of Soft Tissue In Vivo" 

DAVID A. WILSON for "Advanced Chelation Technology" 

RONALD E. PRINGLE for "Rod Piston Subsurface Safety Valve" 

DENTON A. COOLEY, M.D. for inventive contributions in the area of equipment for use in heart surgery and other types of surgery. 

MAX D. SUMMERS for "Baculovirus Expression of Recombinant Proteins (BEVS)" 

RICHARD E. SMALLEY for "The Discovery and Characterization of Fullerenes, a New Elemental Form of Carbon, Together with Methoda for Producing Fullerenes." 

JITEN CHATTERJI for a lifetime of achievement for inventions related to improved well completion and to remedial or well treatment procedures in subterranean formations, and specifically for a cement slurry foamer containing a foam stabilizer and a surface defoamer and detrainment material. 

DR. MAGNUS HööK of Texas A&M's Institute of Biosciences and Technology for his discovery of a family of proteins called MSCRAMMs (Microbial Surface Components Recognizing Adhesive Matrix Molecules) that are found on the surface of microorganisms.
DR. BRIAN CLARK of Schlumberger for "Well Logging Apparatus and Method for Determining Formation Resistivity at a Shallow and a Deep Depth." 

MICHAEL ANGELO of HP for "Secure Software Registration and Integrity Assessment in a Computer system." 

Dr. ISSAM I. RAAD of The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Dr. RABIH DAROUICHE of Baylor College of Medicine for their significant contributions to the development of technologies for the prevention of vascular catheter-related infection.

JAMES O. (JOE) GLASS and SAM M. GLASS for the "Stompper mandrel," a "Method and Apparatus for Inserting Sheet Piles Utilizing a Protective Housing."
JOHN M. MICHAELS of Baker Hughes for "Method and Apparatus for Acquiring and Processing Subsurface Samples of Connate Fluid."

VESNA R. MIRKOVIC and W. SPENCER WHEAT of Chevron for innovative ways to produce, compress, purify, store, and dispense hydrogen fuel, "Operating States for Fuel Processor Subsystems," "Fluid Balance Control System for Use in a Fuel Processor," and "Method and Apparatus for Burst Disk Identification."

DAVID A. EVERSDYK, DAVID P. FLORES, OSBORNE K. MCKINNEY, and MICHAEL E. ROWLAND of Dow Chemical for PRIMACOR® polymer technology, "Interpolymers of Ethylene and Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids" and "Process for Producing Homogeneous Modified Copolymers of Ethylene/Alpha-Olefin Carboxylic Acids or Esters."

CLIFFORD H. RAY of Fairfield Industries for Z Technology, "Method and Apparatus for Seismic Data Acquisition” and “Ocean Bottom Seismometer Package with Distributed Geophones."

DR. BORJE S. ANDERSSON of M.D. Anderson, DR. DIANA S. L. CHOW of The University of Houston, and MR. HARSHAL P. BHAGWATWAR for stable parenteral formulations of busulfan safe for parenteral administration, resulting in improved bioavailability and optimized high dose busulfan therapy against malignant disease.

GARY L. SWOBODA of Texas Instruments for his work in establishing and broadening the use of the JTAG standard, a testing and debugging mechanism for use in integrated circuits, in particular "Apparatus and Method for State Selectable Trace Stream Generation"

CHARLES MORRIS SMITH of ExxonMobil Chemical Company for work in liquid phase alkylation for the purpose of manufacturing short chain alkyl aromatic compounds, in particular ethylbenzene and cumene; "Process for Preparing Short Chain Alkyl Aromatic Compounds"

LINDA ANNE HAYMAN, M.D. of Anatom-e Information Systems, Ltd. for her for her invention of a system for mapping the human body and creating an extensive associated anatomical database, in particular "Computer searchable anatomical database and visual key"

F. ALAN ("BUD") FRICK of HED Environmental Systems Inc. for his invention of a closed loop heating system that can be used for evaporating water and concentrating and decontaminating water-logged fluids.

DR. WILLIAM COHN of the Texas Heart Institute at Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center for two medical device inventions: an “Off Pump Implantation of Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) (a heart pump that permits a patient to receive a heart transplant while the heart is beating), and a “Tissue Ligation Catheter”.

LOUIS A. WATERS, JR. for his FloodBreak® barrier, a permanent hidden flood gate that passively deploys automatically without human intervention or electrical power on accumulation of flooding water to prevent entrance of water into an area. These gates have enjoyed commercial success and protect the Texas Medical Center, other hospitals, and university, government and commercial buildings.

DR. DAN WHITE of Lyondell Chemical Company for "Hydroformulation Process", a process of manufacturing the critical BDO (1,4-butanediol) intermediate product by using the catalyst.

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